3rd Edition Lagos Start On to Start Up

On the 04th of this month the Lagos City Council organizes the 3rd edition of “Start On To Start Up”, an online conference on entrepreneurship, digital nomads and sustainability, with free participation. This edition encompasses themes such as entrepreneurship, inspiration, knowledge, and will also have a moment reserved to talk about traveling the world and meeting new cultures and countries.

In the initial phase of the conference there will be a review of some participants from previous editions. Afterwards, participants will hear inspiring stories from some guest narrators, with important roles in the world of sports, cinema and the environment.
Afterwards, ISMAT’s university professor, Américo Mateus, will address the topic of “trends in entrepreneurship”. The conference will continue with the participation of the Digital Influencer, João Cajuda, who will address issues related to his well-known travels.
Finally, the last part of the conference is dedicated to the presentation of the theme “Digital Nomads: new tourism or economic spillover”.
The conference will include contributions from entrepreneurs and other important local, regional, and international figures, who will give their testimonies in the panel discussion on digital and sustainability.
Some of the municipal infrastructures that support entrepreneurs will also be presented.
The opening of the conference is in charge of Dr. Hugo Pereira, Mayor of Lagos, and the closing will be done by Dr. Sandra Oliveira, councillor of Lagos City Council.

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