Social entrepreneurship kicks off CoLagos Talks

Bringing together experts and professionals from different areas of entrepreneurship, the CoLagos initiates the CoLagos Talks, where ideas, experiences and projects are discussed. With guests from different quadrants of the entrepreneurial and social world, the added value of these meetings are the spontaneous and informative dialogues between the participants.

On November 25th this cycle of talks began, addressing “Social Entrepreneurship in the Algarve”, in an edition that counted with the partnership of Project New Discoveries, Dypall Network, SEA Agency and the Municipality of Lagos. João Dias, former Deputy President of the National Confederation of IPSS and one of the founders of the first Social Entrepreneurship Association in Portugal, moderated the conversation, which joined Marta Dinis, Bruno António and Andreia Rodrigues.

Soon, new talks will take place at CoLagos, where several points of view related to entrepreneurship and society will be put on top of the week. Don’t miss it!

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