CoLagos hosts seminar on burnout prevention

CoLagos was the space chosen by Massih Hoosseini to hold his seminar on burnout prevention.
Bringing a topic of enormous relevance in today’s society, namely in the world of work, Massih Hoosseini held his own event where he addressed the dangers of burnout, its causes, and especially how each of us can adopt preventive measures, namely when the first signs of accumulated pressure and stress begin to appear.

Massih told us that he liked the conditions offered by CoLagos, both in terms of price and service, and was satisfied that everything worked perfectly. The speaker ends by recommending this room to everyone, “I liked the customer service, and that, for me, is even more important than the facilities”.

CoLagos thus confirms that it has the necessary valences to receive the most diverse events and to collaborate with the promoters in the realisation of their activities. If you need the ideal space for your seminar, talk or meeting, talk to us!

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